church services

Church services are simply an opportunity for people to come together and worship God. Worship helps us look beyond our circumstances and to realise that life is bigger and more wonderful than we thought. It does that by helping us to touch the mystery that is God. For Christian people God was made clear in the person Jesus. Jesus described a God who is passionate about people, longing to see each one know just how much they matter. Jesus was put to death in a horrible way for declaring God’s love and living it out day after day in humble, yet revolutionary ways. Worship helps us get a hold of all of that.

The services also give an opportunity to people to catch up with each other, to swap stories of life, encourage each other in faith, and to simply relax with friends. We also learn from the Bible, from the traditions of the past, and from the testimonies of others just what it means to be a Christian in todays world. For Christians this weekly gathering is a central part of what it means to be Christian.


Facilities available at the church

  • Fully equipped kitchens are available.
  • Baby change facilities.
  • Toilet facilities
  • for the disabled – a lift to access first floor functions and activities.
  • Loop system for hard of hearing, large print books and hymn books
  • There is no parking at the church, though plenty available in the streets around.