Here at St Johns Church, we have lots of activities going on. These Activities are listed (Explorers, Youthy, Teen Spirit, The Choir, Bell Ringers, Bible study, knitting group, Girls Get Fit and Shildon Ignite). If you’re a young person or a parent and are looking for a group for young people the following groups may be the ones for you…. Explorers, Youthy, Teen Spirit, Girls Get Fit and Shildon Ignite.

EXPLORERS  is on every Sunday during the Sunday morning service from 9:30 am and is aimed at children aged 2-13, its packed full of crafts, stories, and activities. Take a look at the Explorers link for more info.

YOUTHY  is a youth club which is on every Sunday night 7-8:30pm it’s for young people aged 10-17. We plan lots of trips throughout the year including Blackpool pleasure beach, Light Water Valley, we even went all the way to London in 2015! We also spend our nights doing lots of different activities, we sometimes have picnic nights, games nights, sports nights, crafts nights and even sometimes debates and discussion about events going on in our world. Take a look on the Youthy link for more info and pictures.

TEEN SPIRIT is a youth club for young people aged 14+. Its on every Tuesday evening 6:30-8:30pm. We do lots of different things, including debate nights and movie nights, chill nights and trips to different places, we recently went to Manchester University! Take a look on the teen spirit link for more info and pictures.

GIRL GET FIT  is a fun, sporty youth group for girls only. We meet every Tuesday 5-6pm and the age group for this is 9+. If you enjoy having a laugh, making healthy snacks, taking part in sport activities then take a look at the link for girls get fit.

SHILDON IGNITE  is a group for ages 10+. Shildon ignite was originally a youth council, but it’s now more like a youth group for young people who want to make a difference in their communities. If you’re passionate and want to make positive changes within the community then take a look at the shildon ignite link for more info.

St John’s Youth Development Worker
Lucy Manny –  email:


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